Activity builders allow teachers to create their own interactive activitiess

Activity Builders

DB Learning Library provides you with your own tools for building exciting and engaging interactive activities.

You can create crosswords, spelling tests, quizzes and more. These can be assigned as homework or classwork and be used on any device.

The activities you create are self marking. Results are tracked in your class markbook alongside our pre-made primary resources.

Create quizzes, crosswords, polls and spelling tests


Teaching resources can be placed into special Pathway sequences for easy delivery in the classroom.

Pathway linking primary resources
Pathway teaching tool
Tasks allow primary resources to be assigned to pupils


Assign activities to your class in just one click! Giving personalised feedback is simple too with the ability to provide additional comments.

Pupil and teacher feedback


The Markbook is a great way of monitoring the progress of your class. All recorded marks for each assigned activity are pulled into one place.

Teaching resources feedback
My class markbook
Pupil theme home page


Pupils can access a range of resources independently to support self-learning, with all results viewable by teachers.

Self learning for pupils